20-Fiber MTP/MPO to LC Fiber Optic Fanout Cable, Singlemode OS2, Plenum

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Made in the USAThe LightWave 20-Fiber MTP/MPO to LC Fiber Optic Fanout Cable, gives you the strength and stability you need to handle 100Gb Ethernet applications with ease. This fiber optic cable comes in a rollover "Type-B" polarity.

This CFP to 10x SFP+ fiber optic cable contains an MTP brand connector on one end, which holds 20 fibers. It 'fans out' to 20 LC connectors on the opposite end in duplex configuration. The MTP brand connector provides you with features like removable housing and patented guide pins to help you achieve the best optical and mechanical performance possible. The LC connectors, known and lauded for their superior performance over other standard fiber connectors, provide you with a fast, reliable option for 100G applications in singlemode.

CFP-to-SFP Fiber Optic Cable

With Singlemode OS2 fiber optics, experience data transmissions over a 1Gbps link with a 9/125 micron glass fiber over a distance of up to 10,000 meters at a wavelength of 1310nm. For a 10Gbps link, you can transfer data over a distance of up to 5,000 meters at 1310nm, and 30,000 meters at 1550nm.

TAA CompliantEach cable is assembled in-house at our local facility, and tested for interferometry and insertion loss, all in an effort to bring you the highest possible American-made quality and performance that LightWave cables provide.

LightWave brand MTP Cables are fully compliant with the guidelines of the Trade Agreements Act (TAA), and are approved for United States Government use.

20-Fiber MTP/MPO to LC Singlemode Fiber Optic Fanout Cable Features

  • A single MTP connector breaks out to 20 LC duplex connectors
  • High density connections between network equipment in telecommunication rooms
  • Easy installation and removal with push-pull latching
  • Uses AFL brand Interconnect Premise MicroCore� fiber


  • 9/125�m OS2 glass fiber
  • Plenum-rated yellow jacket
  • 20-Fiber count
  • Nominal Diameter: 3.8mm
  • Weight per 1000 ft: 13.2lbs
  • Bend Radius: 2.2in (Installation), 1.5in (Long-term)

Optical Characteristics

Fiber Description & Type Typical Attenuation (dB/km)) 1 Gbps Ethernet Distance (Meters) 10 Gbps Ethernet Distance (Meters)
Singlemode, Tight Buffer 1310nm 1383nm 1550nm 1625nm 1310nm 1310nm 1550nm
900 Micron 0.65 --- 0.65 --- 10,000 5,000 30,000
2mm/3mm Breakout 1.00 --- 1.00 --- 10,000 5,000 30,000

Each cable order includes:

  • Hard copy of test results for each cable
  • CD with digital copy of test results for each cable
  • "Peel & Place" Fiber Optic Selection Guide
  • Logo Sticker

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