Soft-Strip® MS4 Thermal Single Fiber Stripping Tool



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Micro-Strip stripping tools from Micro Electronics strip buffered fiber up to 2360um, quickly and easily. You can use two standard handles with interchangeable cutter blade sets, fiber guides and fiber guide locks to strip and install the proper cutter blade sets, tube guides, and tube guide locks.

Soft-Strip stripping tools from Micro Electronics have integral heating elements which enable them to soften and strip such coatings and insulations as Myelen, KAPTON, TEFLON, PVC, and HYTREL. The Soft-Strip system permits precise stripping of these tough coatings with less than three pounds of peak pulling force for multi-fiber- ribbon, and less than one pound for single fiber. The result is no fiber damage and higher quality splices and connections. Units are available for optical fiber (180-1000um) and all standard multifiber ribbons (encapsulated, bonded, and ribbonized types). Custom tools are also available.

AC power adapters not included.