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SC-MTRJ Fiber Optic Multimode OM3 Patch Cable, 50/125 10 Gig, Duplex, PC, 1.8mm OFNR Rated Aqua Jacket, TAA Compliant

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Description:SC-MTRJ Fiber Patch Cable, Multimode 50/125 10 Gig OM3, Duplex
Item #:791516OM3D001MR1

The LightWave SC-MTRJ Multimode OM3 Fiber Optic Patch Cable is a duplex-configured cable, and an excellent choice for new installations on systems that require heavy-duty data transmission across shorter distances. It connects using the high-quality multimode performance of the SC connector on one end, and the compact, secure RJ-45 style housing design of the MTRJ connector.

Technical Drawing - MTRJ to SC Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Using the SC-MTRJ fiber optic cable in OM3 multimode, you can expect data transfers over a 1Gbps link with a 50/125 micron glass fiber over a distance of up to 1000 meters at a wavelength of 850nm, and over a distance of up to 550 meters at a wavelength of 1300nm. For a 10Gbps link, you can transfer data over a distance of up to 300 meters at an 850nm wavelength.

Inspection DataEach and every LightWave cable goes through rigorous inspection to ensure quality that meets customer demands, and the Lightwave SC-MTRJ fiber patch cable is no different. All parts and assembly are to industry standards, in order to bring you the best product possible. Individual test results are included with each cable.



  • Multimode OM3
  • Standard cable is aqua-colored
  • Individually tested to ensure best quality
  • Cable assemblies using the latest in LED-ready glass


Optical Characteristics

Optical Characteristics 50/125 OM3
Maximum Finished Cable Attenuation Coefficient @850nm 3.0 dB/km
@1300nm 1.0 dB/km
Overfill Launch Bandwidth @850nm 1500
@1300nm 500
Laser Bandwidth @850 2000
Gigabit Ethernet Link Length (1 Gbps) 1000 BASE-SX (850nm) 1000 Meters
1000 BASE-SX (1300nm) 550 Meters
Gigabit Ethernet Link Length (10 Gbps) 1000 BASE-SX (1300nm) 300 Meters


Part Numbering

Fiber Patch Cable Part Numbers

Additional Information

Standard Length Options

Obsolete Part Numbers

• 791516OM3D001MR1 (1 Meter) 791516510G01M (1 Meter)
• 791516OM3D002MR1 (2 Meter) 791516510G02M (2 Meter)
• 791516OM3D003MR1 (3 Meter) 791516510G03M (3 Meter)
• 791516OM3D004MR1 (4 Meter) 791516510G04M (4 Meter)
• 791516OM3D005MR1 (5 Meter) 791516510G05M (5 Meter)
• 791516OM3D010MR1 (10 Meter) 791516510G10M (10 Meter)
• 791516OM3D015MR1 (15 Meter) 791516510G15M (15 Meter)
• 791516OM3D020MR1 (20 Meter) 791516510G20M (20 Meter)
• 791516OM3D030MR1 (30 Meter) 791516510G30M (30 Meter)
Custom lengths available upon request.
NOTES: Non-standard colors are special order custom cables and require a 5-7 day lead time. These are Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable once they go into production.
Dust caps on the connector tips are there for the protection of the fiber in the ferrules.


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