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LightWave HD MTP-LC 1RU Cassette, 24 Quad LC to Male MTP, Elite/Super Elite Singlemode 9/125 OS2 (48 Port / 96-Fiber) (MPO Compatible)

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Weight: 5.4 lbs
List Price: $3,547.50Sale Price: $1,419.00
Description:HD MTP/MPO-LC 1RU Cassette, Singlemode OS2, 48 Port, 96-Fiber, Elite/Super Elite
Item #:CAQM-1U48P-OS2-X

For a high performance solution to all your data center and telecommunications needs, try LightWave Elite and Super Elite HD 96-Fiber 24 Quad LC to MTP/MPO Singlemode OS2 Fiber Cassettes. The design of these MTP cassettes places an emphasis on insertion loss quality. When accurate, low loss connectivity in Singlemode fiber applications is critical, this MTP cassette is the way to go.

For Elite and Super Elite specs, reference the table below:

  Insertion Loss (Singlemode) Insertion Loss (Multimode)
Standard 0.25 dB Typical
0.75 dB Maximum
0.20 dB Typical
0.60 dB Maximum
Elite 0.10 dB Typical
0.35 dB Maximum
0.10 dB Typical
0.35 dB Maximum
Super Elite 0.05 dB 0.05 dB

Available in 9/125 Singlemode OS2 fiber optics, this HD cassette is configured with 24 front-mounted Quad LC adapters, with eight MTP brand connector adapters at 12 fibers each in the back. By plugging your MTP cables into the back, 96 connections are lit up, which lead to the quad LC connector ports in the front.

What's Inside:

  • MTP brand adapter(s) in back totaling 96 fibers
  • Fan out assembly inside the cassette
  • 24 Quad LC adapters in the front

These 1RU cassettes can be mounted horizontally or vertically with available adapter rack brackets.

96-Fiber HD Singlemode OS2 Quad LC to MTP Cassette Features:

  • Designed for Singlemode fiber optics applications
  • Made in the USA


  • 8x12-Fiber Elite Version: CAQM-1U48P-OS2-E
  • 8x12-Fiber Super Elite Version: CAQM-1U48P-OS2-SE
* Expect max IL in the 1.1dB range for the 48F and 72F MM products – the precision in the ferrule is almost the same as 24F, but again, getting physical contact on all fibers across multiple rows is highly improbable.


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