96 Strand, OSP Dry Block Loose Tube, Direct Burial, Singlemode 9/125 OS2

Item#: 28-096-76E-EBSLWN
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291.00 LBS

Minimum Qty:  1000 ft
Total Footage: 1000 ft
Additional Feet:
x 0.79 per/ft
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96 Strand, OSP Dry Block Loose Tube, Direct Burial Construction

Buffer tube

High Modulus Polymeric material. Dimension: 2.8 mm., nominal. Tube and fiber color code per EIA/TIA-598 or as specified by customer. Filling compound: A non-toxic and dermatological safe antioxidant hydrocarbon based gel.

Dielectric Central strength member.

Epoxy glass rod with an up-coat of polymer (if necessary per construction). Water swellable yarns are to be pulled in with the CSM.

Cable Core:

The cable elements are stranded around the CSM, using reverse oscillation. Moisture Resistance: A water blocking tape is applied over the cable core to prevent water ingress and migration with a nominal of 25% overlap. Non-wicking binder yarns are applied over the core tape.


  • Impact Resistance: 25 Impacts (min.)
  • Flexing, ±90°: 25 Cycles (min.)
  • Minimum bending radius: Loaded: 20 x diameter, Unloaded: 10 x diameter
  • Crush Resistance: 440N/cm
  • Twist Test: 25 Cycles (min.)