Breakout Cable, MTP® Elite/UPC to LC Ezconn Uniboot, OM4, 12 Fiber

Breakout Cable, MTP® Elite/UPC to LC Ezconn Uniboot, OM4, 12 Fiber

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Breakout Cable, MTP® Elite/UPC to LC Ezconn Uniboot, OM4 Multimode 50/125 Micron, 12 Fiber

Breakout Cable, MTP® Elite/UPC to LC Ezconn Uniboot, OM4, 12 Fiber

List Price: $79.45
(You save $26.48 )

Breakout Cable, MTP® Elite/UPC to LC Ezconn Uniboot, OM4, 12 Fiber

List Price: $79.45
(You save $26.48 )

MTP® Elite Female to LC EZConn Uni-Boot Female, 12 Strand, Corning Clear Curve OM4 Multimode 50/125 Micron, OFNP Erika Violet Jacket

MTP® Connectors

US Conec offers a full suite of MTP® brand MPO connectors and solutions for a variety of applications and operating environments. The MTP® connector design offers novel patented features, enhanced precision, proven reliability, and significant performance improvements compared to the standard MPO connector format.

LC/UPC Uniboot Ezconn Connector (Polarity Reversal)

LC Switchable Uniboot connector in a unique connector offering that allows for the use of a single round cable for duplex applications, a tool less polarity reversing feature.

Precision Optical Components

At the heart of every fiber to fiber and fiber to device interconnect is a precision optical interconnect component.  US Conec is dedicated to driving the next generation of optical links from source to detector by utilizing state of the art precision component design, metrology and manufacturing to produce low loss, cost effective ferrules and optical components optimized with the entire link in mind.  Sub-micron component modeling, design, production, measurement and testing are at the heart of US Conec’s engineering focused approach to solving real world communication problems every day. 

Precision optical interconnect solutions include:

  • Low-loss, MT Elite® multi-fiber ferrules
  • LC Uniboot ferrules
  • FTTx hardened connector cabling infrastructure
  • MTP® brand MPO cable assemblies
  • Optical backplane connectivity for OBO architectures
  • Standards Compliance IEC 61754-5
  • Standards Compliance IEC 61754-7-1; 61754-7-2
  • Standards Compliance TIA 604-5


  • Simplex 3.0mm cable
  • 50/125um OM4 Corning ClearCurve Glass
  • Plenum-Rated OFNP Erika Violet Jacket
  • 12-Fiber count
  • Nominal Diameter: 3.0mm
  • Bend Radius: 1.8in (Installation), 1.2in (Long-term)
Connector Side A
MTP/UPC Elite Low Loss 8 Fiber Connector Side B

(6) LC Uniboot

Ferrule Type Side A

Ferrule Type Side B

Insertion Loss Maximum Side A
≤0.35dB Insertion Loss Maximum Side B
Insertion Loss Typical
0.10dB Insertion Loss Typical
Return Loss ≥0dB Return Loss ≥0dB
==================== ==================
Cable Type
OM3 50/125μm Wavelength 850/1300nm
Fiber Count 12 Fiber Grade  
Polarity Type A, B & C available Cable Outer Diameter 3.0mm
Cable Jacket OFNP Plenum Sub Unit Outer Diameter N/A
Bend Radius, No Load
10x cable overall diameter Bend Radius, Load
15x cable overall diameter
==================== ==================
1 GbE Distance Max. 10 GbE Distance Max. 40 GbE Distance Max. 100 GbE Distance Max.
1,100 Meters 300 Meter 100 Meter 100 Meter
=============== ==================== ================== ==================
Operating Temperature 0° to 70°C (32° to 158°F) Storage Temperature -40° to 70°C (-40° to 158°F)
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