Single Mode & Multimode Bulk Fiber Optic Cables

At Cables Plus USA, we provide a wide range of bulk fiber optic cable suitable for a variety of networking applications. Buying optical fiber in bulk means saving in cost while providing your company, business or industry with the fastest high-performance networking to date. All of our fiber optic products exceed industry standards and offer quick and reliable data transference every time. Bulk Multimode fiber optic cable is best suited for industries such as mining, broadcasting and other on-site premises — all of which benefit from a bulk fiber cable that works well with shorter distances. Our bulk Single Mode fiber optic cable is rated for longer distances, meaning it can be used for aerial connections and can be buried to travel longer distances. We also offer TAA-certified bulk fiber optic cable suited for military and government purposes that include a tight buffer and are armored for security and protection. View our entire selection below, and find the bulk fiber cable best suited for you. If you have questions about which products you should buy, you can contact us at any time. Our experts are always ready to help.

We provide a wide range of fiber optic wire options so that our customers have the flexibility to choose a cable plant to best fit their needs. Only optical fiber that meets or exceeds industry standards is used to ensure quality products with best-in-class performance.

Our products range from tight buffer and armored products for military applications to loose tube and hybrid cables for communications networks, and include the advanced blown fiber systems for local area networks and campus applications.

NOTE: There is a standard 3-4 week lead-time on fiber cable that is not in stock and a minimum 24 hour cut and prep time for most cables.