Fiber - MSHA Mining


  • Most rugged, high-strength cable design
  • Excellent for use in deployment/retrieval applications
  • Designed for use in adverse environments
  • Core-locked jacket for improved mechanical performance
  • Helically stranded cable core for flexibility, survival in difficult pulls, and mechanical protection for the optical fibers
  • Crush-resistant and resilient with additional strength members
  • Exceptional crush and impact resistance, flexibility, deployment/retrieval, twist temperature, chemical resistance from the cable jacket, strength members, and fiber buffer coatings
  • UV resistant, water and fungus resistant
  • Multiple 900 µm tight-buffered fibers stranded with common strength members within a tight-bound outer jacket
  • Ideal distribution cable configuration for most demanding applications - crush, impact, twist, bend, flex continuous movement, deployment/retrieval, etc.
  • Flame-retardant - MSHA approved to Part 7, Subpart K of Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)


  • MSHA cables can be pre-spooled on deployable reels for ready-to-use product
  • MSHA cables can be pre-terminated with single-fiber or ruggedized with multi-channel connectors upon request