Canare Cable Reels

All R-Series models include a special 3 position brake lever. (1) free spool: cable will pull from the reel with ease, this position is ideal for rewinding. (2) soft brake: cable can be pulled from the reel, but friction prevents excess spillage when cable is pulled quickly. (3) full lock: used during transportation, the reel will not rotate so cable won't spill. Because the reels are constructed of tubular steel, with an "E" shaped brace, they are extremely durable. We use heavy duty permanently lubricated bearing which will perform like new even after years of hard use. Our stringent tests indicate reels will deform only 0.04 inches with a 440 pound load on the main shaft & just 0.2 inches with a maximum 550 pound load. The tensile strength at the welded points is 5,500 pounds. These reels are further tested with sustained vibration, to insure constant mechanical stability even after prolonged transportation & rough handling. A robust winding handle is include on all Cable Reels. A variety of useful features is available on different R-Series models, including roll-around casters, stackability & hub cut-outs for mounting your own connector designations. A durable black finish is applied for lasting good appearance & reel protection.