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CleanClicker™ 400 Fiber Cleaner


Weight: 0.2 lbs
List Price: $69.00Sale Price: $66.75
Description:CleanClicker™ 400 Fiber Cleaner
Item #:MCC-CCM125

The CleanClicker™ 400 fiber cleaners from Sticklers™ are premium quality, miniaturized end face cleaning tools which deliver 400 cleanings per unit. These tools are ideal for cleaning in tight spaces and confined areas, such as down near the floor in a data center or in the inner-most corners of a data center rack. Optimized for carrier networks, ideal for OSP and premises applications, enterprise applications, field inspection kits OEM assembly and research labs.

Product Details for the CleanClicker™ 400 Fiber Cleaner Tools
  • 400+ cleanings in each tool
  • Compact – only 104mm (4”) in length for cleaning in confined spaces
  • Work with just ONE CLICK, unlike cheap imitations that need 2-4 clicks to deliver clean end faces
  • Easily and quickly remove dust, particulate & oil contamination
  • Highly effective at removing dust and residues with a single click, which saves money
  • For best results use with  Sticklers Cleaning fluid (#MCC-POC03M or the larger, more economical  MCC-POC10M) for heavily-soiled connectors
  • Part of the industry’s most complete line of fiber optic cleaning products

There are three reasons these fiber cleaning tools deliver clean fiber so consistently First, the high-purity cleaning ribbon has a long “throw” which means the tools deliver perfect cleanings with just one click, so you really get 400 clean connectors. Secondly, the cleaning ribbon is cleaner and scrubs better. Lastly, they can be used with the fiber optic cleaning fluid to easily and conveniently deliver wet-dry cleaning.

1.25mm size cleans LC, MU, ODC-style, ARINC801, NECON and other hardened 1.25mm based connector systems.

2.0mm size cleans SMPTE 304M and MIL PRF 28876 with MIL PRF 29504/14 and /15 termini.

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