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Cleanwipes™ 3200


Weight: 3 lbs
List Price: $52.00Sale Price: $45.00
Description:Cleanwipes™ 3200
Item #:MCC-WCS800

The Sticklers™ CleanWipes™ 3200 cleaning system is a benchtop fiber optic cleaning tool designed for high-volume, high-speed manufacturing of fiber optic jumpers and patch cords. It enables technicians to produce perfectly clean end-faces at the lowest possible cost.

Most importantly, the CleanWipes™ 3200 tool creates a disciplined cleaning process that results in perfectly clean connectors by avoiding the re-use of contaminated cleaners and/or wipes.

The CleanWipes™ 3200 features an exclusive, static-dissipative, high-modulus fabric that will not tear or shred even when cleaning LC connectors. The highly absorbent material is very soft and will not scratch end-faces. The tool almost completely eliminates re-cleaning of connectors, as well as solving the particulate and static issues that affect patch cord cleaning. 

As shown in the photo on the right, the system normally is used on a benchtop, and the technician places a connector to be cleaned in an unused CleanSlot™ track, wiping the end-face clean. However, the CleanWipes™ 3200 also can be used upside-down, with the CleanSlot™ tracks on top of the bench. This lowers the height of the CleanSlot™ tracks, and is the favored configuration for people working at taller benches or for those of petite stature.


  • An Engineered Tool for the High-Volume, High-Speed Cleaning of Fiber Optic Jumpers and Patch Cords
  • Engineered for OEM Environments
  • Unique, High-Modulus Wipe Eliminates Shredding and Linting, for Greatly Improved Cleaning
  • Static-Dissipative Material
  • Cleans Perfectly, At the Lowest Cost-per-Clean


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