Corning CCH Module, 24 Fiber, Shuttered LC - MTP/MPO, Singlemode OS2



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The Corning Plug & Play™ 24-Fiber Singlemode LC to MTP Universal Module is a preterminated optical fiber cabling system designed to dramatically improve performance for the increasing demand for high speeds in data center LAN/SAN, enterprise building backbone and fiber-to-the-desk applications.

Factory-terminated solutions provide improved system performance, ensure component compatibility and yield consistent quality. This value-added system significantly reduces installation time and cost by streamlining the process of deploying an optical networking infrastructure in the premises environment, particularly in data center applications.

High-density cable is used for 24-fiber trunks to provide high density in low-fiber-count applications and easier routing in patch panels.

Corning Plug & Play 24-Fiber Singlemode LC to MTP Universal Module Features

  • Connector modules
    Allow for fiber modularity while offering both front- and rear-loading capability

  • Corning® ClearCurve® 50 μm optical fiber
    Offers enhanced bend performance, allowing tighter cable routing without negatively impacting system performance

  • Universal wired components
    Enable moves, adds and changes without polarity concerns; provide a simple migration path between 2-fiber and parallel optic applications

  • Maximum skew of 0.75 ns
    Product is assured to work in parallel optic applications for Ethernet, Fiber Channel and InfiniBand