Easy Fiber Optic Installation

Fiber Installation Made Easy with the MTP Solution

The FCA-MTP "Plug and Play" module cassette has been designed to utilize a modular fiber enclosure within a rack-mount or wall-mount interconnect enclosure. The module cassettes are available in several configurations. The standard FCA universal modules are compatible with all Cables Plus RAC or WAC series enclosures and other AT&T compatible enclosures. Each cassette has an MTP adapter to the rear of the cassette with the choice of a variety of adapters to the front of the module.

By using a ribbon fiber and fan-out assembly, the pre-terminated fiber is fully protected while giving the user more density with less field termination or splicing, leading to less labor and failure rate.

Inside the cassette, there are 12 or 24 fibers fully protected and tested. It’s easy!
  1. Determine the number of connections needed.
  2. Determine the type of connector being used.
  3. Determine how long of a fiber run is needed
  4. Call Cables Plus. We provide you with pre-measured, pre-tested cable runs and test results.

All you need to do is run the fiber and plug it in. It’s that Easy

To learn more about this easy fiber installation solution, or for an in-house demonstration contact Cables Plus. We will show how you can become a fiber installer the easy way!

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