External Fibre Channel

The increasing demand for speed, reliability, and longer bus length has led to the development of the Fibre Channel and Fiber Optic interfaces. TMC continues to address the need for high quality, competitively priced cables and adapters for both Fibre Channel and Fiber Optic applications. Our philosophy is to offer a wide variety of off-the-shelf products, and additionally, to provide the customer with custom lengths and configurations when necessary.
For Fibre Channel, we use Madison TurboQuad and TurboQuad Gold cable, and stock SFP, HSSDC2, HSSDC and DB09 configurations from 1 meter to 30 meter lengths. Equalized versions are also in stock for immediate delivery. Internal cable assemblies can be produced with PTP connectors, HSSDC and DB09 Male or Female connectors. In addition, TMC can supply 8 conductor cables designed to transmit both data and 5 volts DC for MIA applications.



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