Fiber Channel Cable Assembly Guide

Fibre Channel for Data Rates up to 10 Gb

  • Duplex SC & LC based cable assemblies available
  • Precision ceramic ferrules (2.5mm ceramic for SC and 1.25mm ceramic for LC)
  • 100% tested for insertion loss, 0.5 dB max. insertion loss
  • Back reflection - better than 25 dB
  • 50/125 Laser-ready glass is standard supporting 2 & 4 Gbps. Extended distance glass for 10 Gbps solutions at 300 meters and even 500 meters available.


These assemblies are tested with the best equipment available today on the market.

Reliability and Performance are ensured by the use of strong process controls followed by rigorous test programs which include the use of interferometers, optical power loss test sets, visual inspection at 200X and back reflection test setups where applicable.

Connector & Cable Options:

Fibre Channel optical assemblies typically use either of two major connector styles: duplex SC or the much newer LC connector. Both connectors maximize performance with exacting tolerances, precision ceramic ferrules as well as refined assembly processes. For the duplex SC connector, there are multiple colors to choose from, with blue, white and yellow being quite common.

Fibre Channel assemblies are available with several styles of zipcord cable. Depending on the length, robustness and flammability requirements, you can select from the following options:

  • Zipcord cables with leg diameters from 2 mm or 3.0mm
  • Flammability ratings of OFNR (riser), OFNR (riser) with low smoke zero halogen construction and OFNP (plenum)

Standard Length Ranges:

Standard lengths (in meters): 1,2,3,4,5,7,10,15,22,30

Custom length are available upon request.

Performance Specifications for SC and LC Based Assemblies (on 2mm Zip Cable)

  • Storage / Shipping Temperature: -40 to 60 degrees C
  • Storage / Shipping Humidity: 5 to 95%
  • Operating Humidity: 8 to 95%
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 degrees C

Insertion Loss and Back Reflection:

Insertion loss of most multimode connector assemblies with ceramic ferrules and good assembly practices averages less than 0.3 dB. Back reflection is better than 25 dB for multimode and for singlemode, is available up to 60 dB or better using angle polishing.

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