Fujikura, CT-16 Fiber Cleaver with AD-16B adapter

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Fujikura, CT-16 Fiber Cleaver with AD-16B adapter

List Price: $830.00
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Fujikura, CT-16 Fiber Cleaver with AD-16B adapter

Fujikura, CT-16 Fiber Cleaver with AD-16B adapter

List Price: $830.00
(You save $44.14 )


  • Dual fiber adapter plate for single or two fiber cleaving
  • Ambidextrous operation available
  • Field replaceable fiber clamp pads and cleaver blade
  • Shock resistant for drops up to 30" in any of six different orientations
  • Compact form factor and tool-less blade rotations


  • Small cell site
  • FTTx drops and terminations
  • MDF/IDF splices and terminations
  • Rural fiber deployments and restorations


The CT-16 fiber cleaver from Fujikura was designed for FTTH or other space constrained applications where ergonomics and durability are key. It is compact, can be operated ambidextrously, and features a unique fiber adapter, allowing users to cleave two bare fibers simultaneously when paired with the dual fiber stripper, the SS-05. The scrap collector and fiber adapter side can be swapped by the user for left or right-handed preference, or as environmental constraints dictate. Furthermore, the thumbwheel on the bottom of the cleaver is utilized for blade rotations as opposed to previous tedious processes to rotate a cleaver blade. The top lever opens past vertical allowing for easy viewing, cleaning, and adjustment of the cleave length. The blade is retracted when the top lever is opened and the blade activates to score the fiber when it is closed, making this a true one-step cleaver. Like its predecessor, this cleaver can withstand a 30” drop from any of six different orientations and still maintain factory specified cleave angle performance. The cleaver blade and fiber clamping mechanisms are easy to replace in the field, mitigating the need to send this cleaver in for service.

CT16 Fiber Cleaver includes: FDB-06 scrap collector, AD-16B fiber adapter, HEX-01 hex wrench (1.5 mm), M-CT16-E instruction manual, CC-46 carrying case S018330
FDB-06 Scrap Collector S018329
CB-09 Replacement Cleaver Blade S018335
ARM-CT16-01 Replacement Fiber Clamp Pads S018373
AD-16A Fiber Adapter (up to 900um coating) S018328
AD-16B Fiber Adapter (up to 3.0mm jacket) S018331
CC-46 Carrying Case S018374


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