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The AFL FUSE-TL-KT FUSEConnect® Kit features tools, cleaning supplies and accessories that are used to prepare 900 µm fiber, 3 mm or 2 mm cordage for FUSEConnect installation, as well as for quick repair in LAN Fiber to the Desk environments or in patch panel/wiring closets. In addition to standard fiber preparation tools, this kit offers the FUSE-ST-TL cord splitter tool. It is specifically designed to open the cordage of 2 mm and 3 mm cable for termination of the ST and FC type connectors.

The AFL FUSE-TL-KT FUSEConnect tool kit includes a fiber stripper, Kevlar scissors, lint-free wipes, fiber preparation fluid, permanent marker, cord splitter tool, FUSE-AC-KT accessory kit and tool case.