Rip-Tie RipWrap 1.5" Ties, 30 to 150 Feet Lengths



2.00 LBS

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Rip-Tie RipWrap 1.5" Ties

Rip-Tie brand RipWrap ties are a step up from standard gaffer tape, delivering reusable quality up to 25 times, with none of the residue you normally find in other gaffer tapes. Because they are weather-resistant, the versatile RipWrap is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, from the home theater system, to even your garden. Additionally, you can use Rip-Tie RipWrap for low-voltage cables, as opposed to nylon wire ties or tape. Continuous and perforated rolls are available, so you can either tear off at predetermined lengths, or tear as needed.

Rip-Tie RipWrap Features

  • 1.5 inch width
  • 30, 75, and 150 feet lengths available
  • 7 color options: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, White, Yellow