IC107PPU6A - ICC, Blank Patch Panel,CAT 6A UTP, 24 Port, 1RMS



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ICC's new CAT 6A UTP Solution exceeds all proposed augmented Category 6 performance requirements for support of the pending 10G Base-T application standard as set forth by TIA 568-B.10. This is supported by providing an efficient and effective method of reducing alien crosstalk (AXT) from neighboring connectors. Each panel is designed to be used with ICC CAT 6A Modular Connectors in to achieve peak 10Gig performance. Such performance will enable your network to support current technologies such as 10/100/1G/10G Ethernet as well as advanced new and Internet Protocol-based services.

The ICC CAT 6A UTP Patch Panel is an essential element of ICC's 10G 6A UTP end-to-end Cabling Solution. The connectors exceed all channel performance requirements in TIA-568-B.2-10 from 1 MHz to 500MHz to support the IEEE 802.an standard for 10 Gigabit Ethernet over UTP Cable.

Please note: JACKS NOT INCLUDED and must be ordered separately.

Product Features

  • Accommodates ICC CAT 6A UTP Modular Connector
  • Designed to minimize alien crosstalk for 10 gig applications
  • Includes rear cable management to facilitate proper bend radius of cable
  • Compatible with standard 19" Distribution Racks
  • Provides 24 open ports in 1RMS for high density applications
  • Designed with staggered ports to maximize distance between connectors
  • Compatible with all ICC Modular Connectors


24-Port Patch Panel:

  • Material: 16GA CRS.
  • Surface Finish: Black Powder Coat
24-Port Blank Bracket:
  • Color: Black
Cable Management Bar:
  • Color: Black