F-TYPE Connector, RG6Q - 100 Pack

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F-TYPE Connector, RG6Q - 100 Pack

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ICRDSAV04C - F-TYPE Connector, RG6Q - 100 Pack

F-TYPE Connector, RG6Q - 100 Pack


These compression style connectors feature excellent performance and stability in both indoor and outdoor environments. They offer outstanding performance, exceptional environmental qualities, mechanical stability, and ease of installation. Their integrated integral internal o-ring and a plastic compression sleeve reduce the potential of moisture migration and prevent possible signal degradation. They are compatible with RG-59, RG-6, and RG-6 Quad Shield cables and are designed to support a wide variety of applications ranging from CCTV to HDTV systems.

Product Features

  • Compression connection allows connectors to be pressed vertically onto cables without causing awkward bends and distortion to the waveguide cavity thereby minimizing distortions and improving signal quality
  • Snap and seal connectors designed with internal O-rings allowing for a tighter moisture resistant fit for indoor or outdoor use
  • Supports a wide variety of applications such as CCTV, DSS (DTV, HDTV, SDTV), and CATV


  • Used with ICC Universal, Economic, and F-type Compression Tools
  • Available in blue band for RG6Q cables
  • Not designed for use on plenum cables.
  • Brass with nickel plating

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