Resi Module, Video Splitter, 1X6, 2 GHZ



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ICC's 2 GHz Video Splitters can support up to six locations and are designed for installation in ICC's Net.Media Centers. The VideoSplitters receive and distribute CATV, antenna, satellite, or modulated video signals up to six analog or digital television sets.

Product Features


  • Designed to provide excellent signal quality for spliting HDTV, satelite, cable, UHF/VHF, antenna or security system signals up to 4 locations with the frequency bandwidth from 5-2300 Mhz
  • Ideal for home or small office use
  • Used with ICRESAM25C or ICRESAM18C drop splitter resi module installed between the signal source and the splitter input connector to compensate for splitter insertion loss and to ensure adequate incoming signal levels if needed
  • Used with ICRDSTC75F F-type termination cap to prevent signal degradation
  • Fit all ICRESDC 14", 21",28", and 42" distribution centers enclosures with the 4 locking buttons


1X4 video splitter:

  • Housing: Die-casting with nickel plating
  • Connectors: F-type female
  • Frequency range: 5-2300 Mhz
  • Insertion loss: 11 dB Typical

1X4 splitter bracket:

  • Material: 18 GA CRS
  • Surface finishing: White powder coat

Mounting bracket:

  • Material: 18 GA CRS
  • Surface finishing: White powder coat

Locking button:

  • Material: Nylon 6/6, UL 94V-0