Rip-Tie CableCarrier with Silver Triangle Carabiner



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The Rip-Tie CableCarrier with Silver Triangle Carabiner attaches to a belt loop or tool belt for easy access to extra cables, including power cords, speaker, microphone or lighting cables. It can also be used as a temporary hanger for cable runs during events, construction or installations. The soft buckle fits gently, yet snugly, and won't damage sensitive cables. Get 10,000 release cycles from the CableCarrier

This CableCarrier's flat-bottom triangle carabiner has a max opening of .375", perfect for a snug fit for attaching to your belt loop or tool belt. To use, just pull the tab to release, install your cable bundle and press the hook strap to the loop strap to fasten the CableCarrier securely.

Rip-Tie CableCarrier with Silver Triangle Carabiner Features

  • Silver colored triangle carabiner
  • Ten available colors: Black, blue, red, yellow, orange, grey, green, violet, white and brown
  • 2 size options: 1" x 6", 1" x 9"

Note:Carabiners are non-load bearing and are not to be used in personal safety applications.