KI 23400 & 27400 Handheld Two-Way Loss / Length Test Set

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An Optical Loss Test set (OLTS) with length measurement that's perfect for high volume loss & length testing applications. A pair of these instruments set new standards of productivity, accuracy and ease of use.

With just one test hook-up and one key press per fiber for bidirectional testing, the same test method can be used for all fibers in a network, eliminating complex layers of administration and test errors. Testing is accurate and can take only 5 seconds, direct onto a final report.

A pair of instruments both display length as well as bi-directional and average loss in real time, with no need to specify master/slave instruments. One instrument can also be used as a stand-alone light source & power meter, or tone generator / detector.

  • SM, MM, quad & other wavelengths.
  • Real-time Autotest loss and length testing on one fiber
  • Real time Pass / Fail display
  • 10,000 fiber memory and USB Interface
  • KITS™ reporting software for acquisition and reporting
  • Autotest power meter
  • 1 % accuracy & 24 calibrated λ, ISO17025 traceable
  • Full QA & test reports for source stability / λ, & power meter linearity
  • Supplied with SC, ST, LC interchangeable connectors
  • Test tone generator / detector
  • 80 hr Alkaline battery life
  • 3 Year warranty and calibration cycle
  • EF compliant multimode sources