KI 6501 Series Optical CWDM Power Meter

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KI6501 is an easy and economical handheld CWDM Power Meter for testing multi-λ single mode fiber optic systems.

It scans and stores the absolute or relative power levels of all 18 CWDM λ in 0.8 seconds. Test data can be viewed in graphical or numerical form, and reference values can be stored for easy loss testing.

The instrument has good ergonomics. It features a large, sunlight readable and backlit colour display, and a well laid out and easy to use front panel.

Data Management Software enables stored test data to be downloaded to PC.

  • Compact, rugged & light weight
  • Simple to use
  • Fast measurement speed
  • Scan range of 18 calibrated wavelengths
  • Larger, sunlight readable, backlit colour display
  • Simultaneous 9 wavelengths loss display
  • Tabular and graphical display modes
  • Internal memory for 1000 test records
  • Test data transfer via USB port
  • Programmable auto shut off
  • External power / charging via mini USB port
  • LED indicator battery charging status
  • 12 months warranty
  • Low cost

Product Features

The KI 6501 Handheld CWDM Optical Power Meter is ideal for scanning the optical power in each CWDM band in single mode communication links.

The instrument automatically scans and stores powers of up to 18 wavelengths speedily in < 0.8 sec. Stable readings inspire user confidence.

The new solid state measuring system is highly stable and rugged compared to older mechanical scanning technologies, resulting in overall better operation, reliability and long term cost.

Test data can be displayed in either conventional tabular or in colour-rich graphical forms.

Results are displayed in blocks of 9 λ on the clear, sunlight readable, backlit colour LCD. The excellent instrument's simple operation ensures good quality testing.

The internal memory stores up to 1,000 test data records which can be conveniently downloaded to PC via USB using the provided Data Management Software.

The instrument can be powered or charged via its USB port with an LED indicating the charging status.

The instrument features rugged construction, moisture resistance, rubber holster and connector dust cover.