WaveTester MM Auto-test Kit with integrated VFL



2.00 LBS

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The process of testing a network installation to ensure its adherence to specified standards is called certification, and often requires hardcopy documentation as proof of adherence to standards.

The WaveTester / WaveSource 850/1300/VFL Test Kit contains the tools necessary for certifying fiber optic links against a myriad of popular cabling standards in multimode networks.

WaveTester / WaveSource 850/1300/VFL Test Kit Features

  • WaveTester fiber optic test kits can also include our Dual OWL and Laser OWL line of light sources
  • Width: 2.75", Height: 4.94", Depth: 1.28", Weight: 154g
  • SC,ST connector
  • A hard-shell carrying case, protective rubber boots


  • WaveTester kits offer the fiber optic professional some of the best values in the industry
  • WaveTester kits include a WaveTester optical power meter
  • Saves valuable testing time