Mellanox® Passive Copper Cable, VPI, Up To 56GB/s, QSFP, 3m 



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Mellanox's MC2207128-003 FDR passive copper cable provides robust connections for leading edge 56Gbps systems. Passive copper cables require no additional power to ensure quality connectivity.

The 56Gbps passive copper cables are compliant with SFF-8436, QSFP+, specifications and provide connectivity between devices using QSFP ports. 56Gbps passive copper cables fill the need for short, cost-effective connectivity in the data center.


  • Cable Length: 10 ft
  • Connector on First End: 1 x IEEE 802.3ab QSFP
  • Connector on Second End: 1 x IEEE 802.3ab QSFP
  • Conductor: Copper
  • Device Supported: Network Device