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mSFP LC 50/125 Micron OM3 Duplex Patch Cables

mSFP LC 50/125 Micron OM3 Duplex Patch Cables

The mSFP (Mini-LC) was designed for Brocade's FC8-64 port blade. The only difference between the mSFP LC (Mini-LC) fiber optic patch cables and standard LC cables is the duplex clip supports higher rack densities via a clip that reduces the spacing between the two LC connectors. These 50/125 Laser Optimized Multimode Fiber (OM3) patch cords are well suited for 10-Gigabit optical backbones and are available in both mSFP-LC and mSFP-mSFP variants in lengths up to 30m.

To the naked eye, this mSFP and mini-LC look identical to a standard LC. However the space between the two LC ferrules is 1mm closer than a standard LC. This distance helps increase density on the Brocade FC8-64 port blade. Made in USA.

  • Regular LC duplex pitch distance is 6.25mm
  • New mSFP duplex pitch distance is 5.25mm

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