FRM-1U-OM3-XX-XX-R - High Density Fiber Optic Patch Panel, MTP to LC Breakout Panel, Rear-MTP Interface, 50/125 Multimode OM3, 1 RMS



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The LightWave FRM-1U Multimode OM3 Fiber Optic Breakout Panel lets you connect your 40Gb (8-fiber MTP/MPO connections) Top of Rack Ethernet Switch and break it out to 4 x 10Gb Ethernet LC connections. Choose from either a 16 MTP to 64 Duplex LC (128 fiber), or a 12 MTP to 48 Duplex LC (96 fiber) configuration.

This fiber distribution enclosure comes assembled and ready to use, offering you a simple, hassle-free installation, and provides easy cable insertion and removal for your networking setup. Thanks to the sleek clutter-eliminating design of this panel, you can enjoy better cable management efficiency.

This fiber distribution unit is made for use in Multimode 50/125 OM3 applications. The rear MTP-entry breakout panel makes interfacing with transceivers and different connection types a breeze.

A superb space-saving solution for telecom and Datacom applications, this 40G to 10G fiber patch panel is manufactured in the USA, designed for durability, and provides you with the most reliable and highest quality connections possible.

LightWave FRM-1U Multimode OM3 Rear Fiber Optic Breakout Panel Features

  • Choose from 16 MTP to 64 Duplex LC, or 12 MTP to 48 Duplex LC
  • Designed for Multimode OM3 applications
  • Rear-entry MTP interface
  • Greater cable management efficiency