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CleanClicker® Connector Cleaner Refill (2-Pack)

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Description:CleanClicker® Connector Cleaner Refill, 2-Pack
Item #:MCC-CCR

The Sticklers® CleanClicker™ 1.25mm and 2.5mm fiber optic connector cleaners are the latest cleaning innovation from the experts at Sticklers. These rugged, precision cleaners use a smooth click-to-clean push-action with light tip forces to reduce the risk of end-face damage. With over 750 cleans, the Sticklers CleanClicker is perfect for cleaning any size network, any installation; from single to thousands of connectors. Sticklers CleanClicker cleaners are packaged color-coded by connector size to help users quickly ensure they have the right cleaner for the connector at hand.


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