Rip-Tie CinchStrap-EG, 2" Widths, 10-Pack



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2″ CinchStrap-EG

The Rip-Tie 2" CinchStrap-EG features a non-metallic nylon buckle that can safely be used around electrical equipment without the fear of causing short circuits. Sporting a nylon buckle also provides the convenience of use near computers, even if they don't have demagnetizing disks. The 2″ CinchStrap-EG also sports two brass spur grommets in order to support heavier cable runs, and they are spaced 7/8″ on center.

You can expect 10,000 release cycles from these cable straps. To ensure the highest standard in quality and durability, every CinchStrap-EG is sewn by human hands, not heat-bonded by a machine.

Rip-Tie 2" CinchStrap-EG Features

  • Choose from 11 color options: Black, brown, blue, green, grey, orange, red, violet, white, yellow and rainbow
  • Seven different size options to suit your needs