CableHanger Series

The Heavy Duty CableHanger from RipTie offers you a handy solution for adding and removing cables to and from a bundle with ease. This item comes in both a standard and 'Pivoted' feature that can accommodate angled cable runs. This item makes it easy to keep your grouped cable bundles separate from each other.

  • S-03-100-XX - Rip-Tie CableHanger 100 Pack


    Rip-Tie CableHanger 100 Pack

    MSRP: $245.39 - $430.92
    $184.50 - $324.00

      CableHanger The Rip-Tie CableHanger offers a strong, flexible cable management solutions. Available in an assortment of colors and sizes, you can easily find a CableHanger with the look, capacity and durability you are searching for. And...

  • S-03-010-XX - Rip-Tie CableHanger 10 Pack


    Rip-Tie CableHanger 10 Pack

    $21.15 - $36.00

      CableHanger With the CableHanger, Rip-Tie introduces a brand new solution for suspending your cable woes. CableHangers are easily released and retied, so adding, subtracting and replacing cables is a snap. The CableHanger attaches...


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