Cat5E Ethernet UTP/STP Cables

STP Cat5e Cable vs. UTP Cat5e Patch Cable

Shielded Twisted Pair, or STP, Cat5e cable is made to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) that can result in a partial or complete loss of Ethernet communication, leading to slow or dropped connections. Unshielded Twisted Pair, or UTP, universal Cat5e network cable is often seen as a standard for Ethernet connections, but it does not offer protection from EMI or RFI. Whether or not the additional safeguard of STP Cat5e cable is necessary depends on your needs — but business and office environments (including in-home settings) will likely benefit from not having to worry about potential interference.

Discover the Advantage of Cat5e Patch Cable

All of our Cat5e patch cables feature crosstalk prevention and improved wire-twisting methods over standard Cat5. That means you'll experience less outside signal noise and interference, leading directly to superior performance quality — a must for medium-to-large-size office environments. Whether you're looking to upgrade or repair your network, count on Cables Plus for all the Cat5e patch cable options you need. From universal Cat5e patch cables to Cat5e 110 block patching and more, we've got you covered.


Category 5e (known as Cat5e) Ethernet cables have higher throughput than Cat5 standard — about 10 times faster, being tested up to 350 MHz with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gigabit Ethernet). With Cat5e patch cable, homes and offices large and small can upgrade their networks or keep them running smoothly. Here at Cables Plus, you'll find a great selection of affordable Cat5e patch cable options, all of which are suitable for Ethernet, telephony and video applications. We carry both STP and UTP Cat5e patch cable in value packs of 10, allowing you to get everything you need to be prepared for the future. 



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