Dual Magnification Integrated Fiber Endface Inspector

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Dual Magnification Integrated Fiber Endface Inspector

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$1,157.61 - $1,342.40
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EasyCheck 200-400X Fiber Optic Endface Inspector (SC/ST/FC/LC) - Non MTP/MPO Upgradeable - Image 1

Dual Magnification Integrated Fiber Endface Inspector

MSRP: $1,202.83 - $1,394.84
$1,157.61 - $1,342.40

Dual Magnification Integrated Fiber Endface Inspector

MSRP: $1,202.83 - $1,394.84
$1,157.61 - $1,342.40

Dimension’s dual magnification fiber endface Inspector can quickly and efficiently inspect the quality of fiber end-faces under double-magnification through two screen simultaneous display or switch display. Under large magnification, it can inspect fine defects on the endface of fiber. The advantage of this equipment is that one station, one device, and one focusing can realize fiber endface inspection at double rate, saving inspection stations, improving inspection efficiency and reducing production costs.

Main Features

•Dual Magnification Inspector

•High definition image

•Various interface designs

• Automatic scan code to store picture(EC400/200KC)

• Optional foot switch to switch magnification(EC400/200KC)


EC200/80KML: Fiber connectors, transceivers, TOSA/ROSA etc;

EC400/200KC: Fiber connectors

Dual Magnification Inspector

Focusing once, EC200/80KML can simultaneously view the 200X and 80X double-magnification surface through Easycheck magnification fiber endface Inspectors two screens, and can also switch the magnification by pressing the button; EC400/200KC can switch between 400X and 200X the magnification by pressing the button or the foot switch (optional). View small defects under high magnification and view a larger area under small can save inspection stations, improve inspection efficiency and reduce production costs.


High definition image

Easycheck dual magnification fiber endface Inspectors,with the optimal optical system design, high-resolution image sensor and 8" pure black and white digital TFT display, shows you the details of the fiber endface truely.

Various interface designs

Easycheck dual magnification fiber endface Inspectors are equipped with a variety of adapting interfaces, which can meet the testing requirements of various products such as  fiber connectors, transceivers ,  TOSA/ROSA  etc.


Convenient auxiliary functions(EC400/200KC)

In order to meet the operability of production line employees, the function of automatic scan code and storage of pictures is added, and the foot switch triggers the double rate switching function, which is more convenient and flexible to use.



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