Fiber Cables - Multimode OM3

For data-intensive fiber optic applications, Cables Plus offers LightWave Multimode OM3 Fiber Optic Cables made with the highest quality. Using the latest in laser-ready glass, suitable for the 10 Gigabit Standards, get lightning-fast speeds using laser optimized 10 Gig fiber cable.

LightWave OM3 fiber optic cables are constructed using j-Bendable bend-insensitive fiber from J-Fiber, providing you with superior bend-loss performance in OM3 standard compliant high-bandwidth performance for 10 Gb/s Ethernet transmission rates. With this superior fiber technology, you can be sure to expect reliable performance for your compact cable management systems in advanced data center applications.

These fiber optic patch cables come with an Aqua-colored jacket to differentiate between standard 50/125 micron and 10 Gig. While a definite step up from OM2 fiber optics, a major feature of the OM3 technology is its complete backwards-compatibility with standard 50 micron electronics. OM3 has an effective 1Gbps Link distance of 1000 Meters at 850nm and 550 meters at 1300nm, as well as a 10 Gbps link distance of 300 meters at 850nm.

LightWave OM3 fiber optic cables are available in a variety of fiber optic connector types, including, SC, LC, ST and FC. individually tested to ensure they meet quality standards, and the results of each cable's test are included with your purchase, so buy with confidence.

OM3 Fiber Optic Cable Features

  • Laser-optimized glass to provide 10 Gigabit transfer speeds
  • 5x Faster than standard 50 micron cable
  • Aqua-colored jacket
  • Available in most lengths and connector styles


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