Fiber Cables - Multimode OM5


OM5 fiber optic cable is completely backwards compatible with OM2, OM3 & OM4 fiber and shares the same distinctive aqua jacket. Multimode OM5 fiber was developed specifically for VSCEL laser transmission and allows 100 Gig/second link distances of up to 150 Meters. The effective modal bandwidth for OM5 fiber is more than double that of OM3 (4700 for OM4 v/s 2000 for OM3). LightWave fiber optic cables utilize OM5 multimode fibers, a bend-insensitive 850nm laser-optimized 50μm Multimode fiber that is perfect for challenging installation situations in data centers where minimum bend loss is critical. All LightWave OM5 fiber cables are tested to meet the highest quality standards, and test results are included with each fiber optic network cable.



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