QSFP+ / Mini SAS (SFF-8088), SAS

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QSFP+ / Mini SAS (SFF-8088), SAS

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C5697-XM - QSFP+ / Mini SAS (SFF-8088), SAS

QSFP+ / Mini SAS (SFF-8088), SAS


QSFP+ / Mini SAS (SFF-8088), SAS


The C5697 premium Madison 8 pair 28awg passive Cable uses MiniSAS (26 Pin SFF-8088) and QSFP+ (SFF-8436) connectors. This Cable is used for SAS applications. This Cable is RoHS compliant.

Product Features

High bandwidth cable compatability information:

Cable Manufacturer SKU
C5697-.5M Elpeus CBSS317-0.5

C5697-1M Elpeus CB22317-1
SerialCables SA-8836-1M

C5697-2M NetApp X6543-R6
Elpeus CB22317-2
SerialCables SA-8836-2M

C5697-3M Elpeus CB22317-3
SerialCables SA-8836-3M

C5697-4M Elpeus CB22317-4
SerialCables SA-8836-4M

C5697-5M NetApp X6544-R6
Elpeus CB22317-5
SerialCables SA-8836-5M

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