R-Jack™ RJ-45 Flange Mount, Dust Cap, Non-Shielded, Sealed, Anodized

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R-Jack™ RJ-45 Flange Mount, Dust Cap, Non-Shielded, Sealed, Anodized

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R-Jack™ RJ-45 Flange Mount, Dust Cap, Non-Shielded, Sealed, Anodized

R-Jack™ RJ-45 Flange Mount, Dust Cap, Non-Shielded, Sealed, Anodized

List Price: $125.67
(You save $62.83 )

In todays world of high-speed communications, Ethernet has become the platform for all voice, video and data services. R-JACK Ethernet Interconnect Solution, OCCs ruggedized family of RJ-45 receptacles, plugs, back shells and accessories, empowers customers to extend Ethernet platforms into harsh military and industrial operating environments.

The R-JACK Ethernet Interconnect Solution provides an efficient, comprehensive and affordable solution to Ethernet connectivity in harsh and environmentally challenged applications. R-JACK Ethernet components feature a smaller mechanical footprint (receptacles, dust caps, backshells), occupying less panel space, allowing higher density.

R-JACK Ethernet receptacles feature 100% transversely sealed (IP-68) configurations as a standard product design, preventing dust, water or moisture penetration, with or without dust cap or plug engagement. R-JACK Ethernet receptacles offer comprehensive shielding and grounding effectiveness capable of sustaining higher data transmission rates as well as Electro-Magnetic Conductance (EMC) for military applications.

Lastly, R-JACK Ethernet components feature multiple pre-kitted solutions including gaskets, O-rings, mounting brackets, and hardware, making it easier for customers to procure, install and integrate these components.

Product Features

  • Applications:
    • DATA, VOIP, IPTV in harsh environments
    • Railways
    • Radar Systems
    • Industrial process control
    • Data acquisition and control
    • Shelters
    • Battlefield communication systems
    • 10/100/1000 Base-T
  • Features and Benefits:
    • Conforms to MIL-DTL-83723 and MIL-DTL-38999 mechanical specifications:
      • Smaller profile affords tighter panel density with ample space to remove dust cap, unlike other MIL-DTL38999 style products
    • MIL-DTL-38999 form-fits receptacles available:
      • Both MIL-DTL-38999 equivalent jam-nut and flange receptacle versions are available and feature smaller dust cap profiles
    • Transversely sealed, standard feature for jam-nut, flange-mount and in-line receptacles:
      • Meets/exceeds ip-68 rating with or without dust covers engaged or when plug is engaged with receptacle
    • Common cable strain relief back shell with conductive compressive fittings for shielded cable
      • Designed to integrat with jam-nut, flange-mount, in-line receptacles and plugs
      • Compression nut establishes 10 lb cable strain relief
      • Internal conductive compression developed inter-operate with cable braid to form 360 degree ground plane
    • Pre-provisioned mounting hardware, conductive o-rings, gasket options
        Mounting hardware options for flange-mount units include:
      • No mounting hardware
      • Screws with "pressed in" pem nuts
      • Screws with nylon "locking" nuts
      • Screws with mounting bracket
      • Self sealing screws for "sealed" flange-mount options
      • Nitrile or conductive o-ring, gaskets supplied as standard provision


Specification Parameter Range
Insertion Loss IEEE 802.3 LX 1000 BASE-T, NXT, FXT
Temperature Cycling EIA-364-32, 25 Cycles -45°C to +100°C
Temperature Shock 5 Cycles EIA-364-32 -40°C to +100°C
Humidity Resistance EIA-364-31 21 Days 43°C, 98% Humidity
Water Submersion IP-68,IEC-60529 1M Depth, 48 Hours
Dust Test IP-68, IEC-60529 20mBARS Air Pressure, 8 Hours
Mechanical Shock, EIA-364-27B 100G 6ms, Half Sine, 6 directions
Vibration, 4 Hours Per Axis EIA-364-28 Test Condition IV, 12 Hours Total
Matting Durability EIA-364-09 500 Mate / Demate Cycles
Flammability Per UL94 Compliant to V0, V1, 10 sec. each
Salt Spray EIA-364-26 500 Hours
Shell-To-Shell Conductivity,
(ZiNi Plating Only)
EIA-364-83 1V @ 1.5VDC, 100 Hours
Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness
IEEE-STD-299 20kHz, 150kHz, 14MHZ, 600MHz, 1GHz, 2GHz, 8GHz, 10GHz, VERT. & HORZ., <-60dB
Hi-Pot High Voltage Test
EN61010-1 600VAC-60Hz, 900uA, Ramp=10sec., (8 channels)

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