RGB3RB - RGB Component Cable, 3 Conductor, RG59, Foil w/95% TC Shield, PVC, Wooden Reel, 250'



111.00 LBS

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RGB Component Cable, 3 Conductor, Wooden Reel, 250'. This cable is ideal for new constructions or full pulling through conduit as the ends are non-terminated. 25 AWG cores with FPE insulation and a Tinned Copper braiding shield allow minimal EM interference and cross-talk.

Product Features

  • Each core is color-coded Red, Green, and Blue, and the outer jacket is Black
  • Product is shipped on a wooden reel
  • TC Shield encapsulated in a PVC jacket
  • 3 Conductor Mini RGB RG59/U Foil w/95%
  • Multi-conductor-audio/sound, control & instrumentation cables