Ruggedized RJ-45 Cable, Shielded Cat5 Cable, Black Anodized Non-Shielded Receptacle to Connector



0.65 LBS

Minimum Qty:  3 ft
Total Footage: 3 ft
Additional Feet:
x 4.08 per/ft
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The R-JACK Ethernet Assemblies provide efficient, comprehensive and affordable solution to Ethernet connectivity in harsh and environmentally challenged applications. R-JACK Ethernet components feature a smaller mechanical footprint (receptacles, dust caps, backshells), occupying less panel space, allowing higher density.

R-JACK Ethernet receptacles feature 100% transversely sealed (IP-68) configurations as a standard product design, preventing dust, water or moisture penetration, with or without dust cap or plug engagement. R-JACK Ethernet receptacles offer comprehensive shielding and grounding effectiveness capable of sustaining higher data transmission rates as well as Electro-Magnetic Conductance (EMC) for military applications.

Our assemblies feature PUR Energy Chain® cable, shielded, oil-resistant, UV-resistant, flame retardant, abrasion and tear resistant cable.

Connector A: R-Jack™ In-line Receptacle w/ Dust Cap, EMI, Sealed, Black Anodized
Connector B: Standard Shielded Connector