Switched PDU 20A 240V (21) IEC-320 C13, (3) IEC-320 C19 Receptacles, (1) NEMA L6-20P Plug, Vertical

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Switched PDU 20A 240V (21) IEC-320 C13, (3) IEC-320 C19 Receptacles, (1) NEMA L6-20P Plug, Vertical

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Switched PDU 20A 240V (21) IEC-320 C13, (3) IEC-320 C19 Receptacles, (1) NEMA L6-20P Plug, Vertical

Switched PDU 20A 240V (21) IEC-320 C13, (3) IEC-320 C19 Receptacles, (1) NEMA L6-20P Plug, Vertical

List Price: $1,052.42
(You save $270.32 )

Switched PDU's - Remote management and control of outlets

PDU41104 - Designed for datacenters and other electrically demanding applications.

Product Overview

The CyberPower PDU41104, a 0U rackmount switched power distribution unit (PDU), provides 200-240V 20A output via 21 IEC-320 C13 + 3 IEC-320 C19 receptacles from a single NEMA L6-20P input power plug. The switched outlet receptacles can be managed over the network by using the CyberPower Management Console, a web browser, and the RJ45 Ethernet port for network connection, or locally from the Power Control display. The PDU41104 offers outlets that can be turned on, turned off, or recycled on demand. Outlets can be programmed to address a number of needs including remote rebooting of locked equipment, load shedding, power sequencing, and locking out unauthorized loads.

With a three-year limited warranty, you can trust CyberPower’s commitment to high quality.

Product Features
    • Power Distribution
      Delivers AC power to servers, equipment, and connected devices via a power distribution unit.
    • Switch-Free Design
      Safeguards against accidental power shutdown.
    • Switchable Outlets
      Provides local and remote control for individual and multiple outlets. Local control can turn on/turn off outlets and disable unused outlets. Remote control can restart outlets, restart devices, turn on/turn off outlets, schedule power on/off sequencing, and disable unused outlets.
    • CyberPower Management Console
      Built into Switched PDUs, a CyberPower Management Console is a hardware interface. Users can remotely switch individual PDU outlets or circuits on and off, immediately or on a schedule, to power cycle connected equipment. . The CyberPower Management Console monitors the incoming power and power draw from the PDU, sends notifications based on the power status, and logs events.
    • Remote and Local Monitoring
      The user can track PDU vitals both offsite and onsite, and remote and local monitoring provides control to turn on/off individual outlets or circuits.
    • Automatic Event Notifications
      Provides the user with immediate updates about power events via email, SMS text, or SNMP traps.
    • Upgradeable Firmware
      Downloadable improvements (firmware updates) to programs that run the PDU.
    • Power Control Display
      Provides up-to-date status information about the PDU, the power situation and allows for the local set-up and configuration.
    • Network-Grade Plugs and Outlets
      Highly durable construction ensures the efficient distribution of power in demanding IT or industrial environments to servers, equipment, and connected devices.
    • Long Input Power Cord
      Reaches distant power sources, allowing the PDU to be placed where it’s needed.
    • Cord Retention Tray
      Secures power cords, keeping them organized and accessible. Helps cords stay plugged in.
    • Configurable Mounting Brackets
      Allow for installation of the PDU in the following configurations: 0U (vertical, under counter, and wall mount), 1U (horizontal, vertical, under counter, and wall mount), and 2U (horizontal and wall mount).
    • Durable Metal Housing
      Protects internal components and resists damage from impact or abrasions within challenging industrial environments. The durable metal housing also extends the life of the product.
    • Three-Year Limited Warranty
      Covers defects in materials and workmanship in the product under normal use and conditions within three years of the purchase date. See warranty for details.


  • Data Centers
  • Network Closets
  • Voip Phone Systems


  • Switched PDU
  • Local and Network Outlet Switching
  • SNMP Network Interface
  • Controllable Receptacles
  • Industrial-Grade Metal Housing
  • Three-Year Warranty


  • Automated notifications: Email, SMS Text, and SNMP Trap
  • Phase: Single
  • Amps: 20A (Derated to 16A)
  • Volts:  200-240 Vac
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Plug type: NEMA L6-20P
  • Outlets: 21 IEC-320 C13, 3 IEC-320 C19
  • Size: Verticle Rackmount
  • Warranty: 3 year

Switched PDU 41104 Product Specifications



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