Chameleon Brand MTP/MPO Cassette Module 24 Port LC/UPC SingleMode 9/125



2.00 LBS

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The 24-Fiber MTP/MPO brand to LC Cassette is built specifically for low-density data solutions. Two 12-fiber MTP/MPO brand connectors (backbone) are plugged into the rear of the cassette. In the front of the cassette are six 4-fiber feed-thru LC Quad couplers for your patching. Inside the cassette are two unique 12-fiber harnesses with one 12-fiber MTP/MPO brand connector in the back breaking out to 12 LC connectors in the front.

Available in the following configurations:
  • 62.5/125 Micron Multimode
  • 50/125 Micron Laser Enhanced 10 Gig OM3
  • 9/125 Singlemode
  • Dimensions: 4.75 h x 1.25 w x 6.0 d
  • Weight: 1 lbs Fibers: 12 Total
  • Front: 6 X SC-Quad (2-Fiber) Rear: 1 X 12-Fiber MTP
  • Glass Type: Multimode or Singlemode 50-125 OM3 Laser Enhanced (LOMMF)
Singlemode (angled) Singlemode (pc) Multimode (pc)
Insertion Loss < 0.30 dB < 0.30 dB < 0.30 dB
Return Loss > 65 dB > 55 dB > 25 dB
Results included for each serialized assembly