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Fiber Optic Test & Reference Cable Assemblies

Fiber Optic Test & Reference Cable AssembliesConnected Fibers provides master reference Cable Assemblies for product testing with all standard connector types. These high quality assemblies can be utilized for many applications ranging from patch cord or reference cable testing, DWDM device testing, or high power applications. You can be confident in their performance and they will add to your testing reliability.

Key Features

  • Minimal Insertion loss and Back Reflection Guaranteed
  • Exceeds Telcordia GR-CORE 326 end face geometry
  • Clean and scratch-free ferrule end face
  • UPC or APC ferrule end-face
  • Uses the finest Japanese quality connectors and low concentricity ferrules.
  • Optical performance and ferrule geometry is 100% factory tested and available with test report
Fiber Optic Test & Reference Cable AssembliesFeatured
Grade 1
Grade 1
Standard Test Grade for most applications and product testing.

Grade 2
Grade 2
Ultra Test Grade for high end requirements or reference jumper testing.

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