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The 180XL visual fault locator allows the technician to quickly and safely visually locate broken and pinched fibers, faulty connectors, and bad splices. The long reach of the 180XL allows the technician to safely confirm fiber continuity up to distances of 7km as well.

Visually Locating Loss locations and Fiber Breaks
The 180XL is connected to a fiber cable and the technician can visually locate loss locations be it a macrobend, faulty connectors or a poor splice. When there is a fiber discontinuity the red laser light escapes the fiber and the technician can then visually identify the loss location. The 180XL can be placed into modulation mode, the red laser light is then modulated at a rate of 2Hz. This may add in the identification of loss events.

Visually Identify Fibers
The technician can connect the 180XL on one end of a fiber and then visually locate the other end of the fiber. The red light will be visibly emitted from the end of the fiber and indicates that the fiber does have continuity but it does not confirm that the fiber has no loss. The maximum transmission distance is 7km in single mode fiber. The technician should not stare directly into the fiber so as to avoid possible eye injury. The 180XL is Class 2 compliant and is safe as specified by CDRH FDA standards


  • Visual fault locating
  • Confirm fiber continuity


  • Allows the technician to quickly locate faults without the use of more expensive equipment
  • Class 2 designation provides safe light levels for the technician


  • 7km distance
  • Universal 2.5mm bulkhead
  • Optional 1.25mm adapter available
  • Class 2 certification, 0dBm output power
  • Compatible with Singlemode and Multimode fibers
  • 2Hz modulation mode
Greenlee Cat. # Item #
Visual Fault Locator 180XL 03578