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WaveSource MM series fiber optic light sources offer the fiber optic professional a wide range of options for their testing needs. Many different combinations are available: multimode only, singlemode only, or both multimode and singlemode.

Our quad-wavelength version (WS-MDSD) has all four wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310, 1550) in one unit! Visual Fault Locators (VFL) can also be added to multimode only and singlemode only versions. VFLs can be used in both multimode and singlemode fibers.

WaveSource MM Features

  • Tempreture-stabilized sources
  • Multimode and singlemode versions available
  • Combination selected source/ Low battery indicator LEDs
  • Fiber OWL 4 or WaveTester optical power meters


  • Extended battery life-up to 30 hrs on one battery
  • Operating temperature -40 to+85 C
  • Storage tamperature -40 to+85 C
  • WaveSource light sources come configured with your choice of SC, ST, or FC connector ports