Rip-Tie Lite Screw Mount with Grommet, .5" x 8" Lengths



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Rip-Tie Lite Screw Mount with Grommet

With the Rip-Tie Lite .5" x 8" Screw Mount with Grommet, you can take advantage of Rip-Tie Lite strength and reliability while now giving yourself more storage options with the included screw mount, which features a larger head and a perforated X for driving a screw.

Additionally, this Rip-Tie Lite tie features grommets that help keep the hook & loop from tearing under stressful conditions.Ideal for bundling & organizing computer and network cables, this tie allows for at least 200 re-fastenings, and is perfect for use on equipment, home theater and audio systems, tools, appliances and more.

Rip-Tie Lite Screw Mount with Grommet .5" x 8" Features

  • Black colored ties
  • Ties are .5" wide, 8" long
  • Comes in various quantities. Choose from a 10-pack, a 25-pack, or a 100-pack.