Rip-Tie Lite 1" x 10" Ties



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Rip-Tie Lite

If you are in need of a tie for heavy-duty cable management, Rip-Tie Lite 1" x 10" Cable Ties are just what you need. These ties are a sturdy 1 inch wide and 10 inches long, and allow for at least 200 re-fastenings. Rip-Tie Lite is made of one piece of double-sided hook and loop fastener. It has a die-cut slot for attachment to a single cable. This is the ideal tie for use on data center and telecommunications equipment, home theater and audio systems, tools, appliances and more.

Rip-Tie Lite 1" x 10" Features

  • Black colored ties
  • Ties are 1" wide, 10" long
  • Comes in various quantities. Choose from a 10-pack, one roll of 25, 10 rolls of 10, or a spool of 375 ties.