Yellow Jacket® Classic 5 Channel Cable Protector - 1.25" Channel

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Yellow Jacket® Classic 5 Channel Cable Protector - 1.25" Channel

List Price: $289.88
(You save $9.13 )
28.00 LBS
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Yellow Jacket® Classic 5 Channel Cable Protector - 1.25" Channel

List Price: $289.88
(You save $9.13 )

Yellow Jacket® Classic 5 Channel Cable Protector - 1.25" Channel

List Price: $289.88
(You save $9.13 )

Yellow Jacket® Classic 5 Channel Cable Protector - 1.25" Channel

Yellow Jacket “Classic” is designed for extra heavy duty applications. It is built to withstand constant, high speed, heavy traffic from trucks, buses and other vehicles. Yellow Jacket Classic’s distinctive yellow and black colors are the high contrast combination preferred by the industry. Yellow Jacket Classic is “The Original and The Best” and outperforms all others. With its unique design and 30% more polyurethane than other 5-channel dog bone based cable protectors, a Yellow Jacket Classic is truly extra heavy duty. Yellow Jacket’s proven durability makes it the best value on the market.

Product Features

Superior Handling of Heavy, High Speed Vehicular Traffic

Vehicular traffic produces the greatest impact on a cable protector’s leading edges and its ramps. Yellow Jacket’s superior engineering and materials have been proven in 25 years of demanding use, making them the most durable on the market. Yellow Jacket® cable protectors are able to absorb significantly more impact from vehicles due to the design of their ramps, which includes:

Proven Durability in 25 Years of Use

25 year old Yellow Jackets are still in the field handling trucks, forklifts and other vehicles every day. This toughness is due to:

  • Heavy weight construction a 5 channel Yellow Jacket weighs 28 lbs. 30% heavier than other 5 channel cable dog bone based cable protectors
  • Made from Durathane™ a proprietary cast molded polyurethane with superior tear and abrasion resistance, and dynamic load bearing properties

ADA Compatible Ramps Available

  • WASP™ AMS® expandable ADA ramp system with BarrierFree™ access

Uses the Original dog bone Connector*

  • Provides quick assembly and disassembly
  • Resists breaking under pressure - will release before it breaks
  • Most popular cable protector connector on the market

Protect and Organize Cables, Lines and Hoses

Yellow Jacket offers superior protection for electrical cables, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses and data, video and signal lines.

  • Multi-channel design helps organize cables
  • Rounded dividers protect cables from snags and tears
  • Cables, lines and hoses are fully enclosed

Easy to Assemble and Load

  • Single Piece Design
  • Just align Yellow Jackets and step down to connect
  • Yellow Jackets have top hinged lids for easy access just open the lid and load cables, lines or hoses
  • No tools or hardware required to configure

Distinctive, Highly Visible Yellow and Black

  • High visibility yellow lids with contrasting black ramps

Put in Place, Stays in Place

While other cable protectors may shift under stress, Yellow Jackets will stay in place because of:

  • Heavy weight construction - a 5 channel Yellow Jacket weighs 28 lbs.
  • The Roman Arch™ in the ramp functions like a suction cup when a vehicle passes over a Yellow Jacket

Safety Features Designed In

  • Skid resistant diamond pattern used on all upper surfaces
  • Non-conductive, no metal parts
  • Optional End Boots cover exposed connectors

Wide Variety of Configurations

  • 1-5 channel models available
  • Channel sizes of 1 1/4” to 5”
  • Offers 45° Left and Right Turns and X Intersection
  • Make turns of 45°and 90° in cable runs
  • Completely cover and protect intersecting cable runs

Available in Extreme Heavy Duty Models

For applications in highly abrasive environments, like military use in deserts, the Yellow Jacket Classic made from Hiperthane® polyurethane is the cable protector of choice. Hiperthane is:

  • Extremely dense polyurethane made using Yellow Jacket Inc.’s Durathane process
  • Hiperthane has superior abrasion resistance, tear resistance and elasticity.

*dog bone connector was designed by Yellow Jacket, Inc’s parent corporation and is licensed to other manufacturers.



A: Length 36 in.
B: Width 20 in.
C: Height 2 in.
D: Channel Width 1.25 in.
E: Channel Height 1.10 in.
  Weight 28 lbs.
 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Carbon Black, Titanium Dioxide, Formaldehyde, Benzyl Butyl Phthalate (BBP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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