ZOOM II Optical Power Meter



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The ZOOM II Optical Power Meter is a high-accuracy, high-resolution, microprocessor-controlled optical power meter. It has a wide 65 dB dynamic range, and is NIST-traceable at 850, 1300, 1310, and 1550nm, making it ideal for both singlemode and multimode fiber testing.

ZOOM II Optical Power Meter Features

  • Simple 2-key operation
  • Germanium photodetecter with 2.5mm universal adapter (ST,SC,FC, and other 2.5mm connecters
  • Upgradeable to fiber link certification and reporting
  • Grephical LCD display with intutive user interface


  • Display resolution of 0.01db
  • Long battery life -up to 250hrs on one 9v battery charger port allowas for wall paper operation
  • For charging 9-volt-chargeable batteries
  • Mesurement range +5 to -60dbm