C14 to C15 Power Cable - 10ft Black 15Amp Power Cord



1.05 LBS

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14 AWG, 15 Amps, 250V, SJT Jacket, IEC60320 C14 to IEC60320 C15

Universal C14 to C15/C13
C14 (Male) to C15 (Female) 15 Amp 250V Power cord with 14 gauge/3 wire cord in a SJT jacket. The C15 female connector has the same pin array as a C13 but has a notch at the base. The C15 can be plugged into a C14 or C16 outlet but the C13 is limited to only the C14 outlet. The power cord is commonly used between Cisco Servers, computes and networking devices to PDUs in a data center rack or cabinet. Cords are shipped coiled and ready for installation.

Supply End: IEC 60320 C14
Equipment End: IEC 60320 C15