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With the Rip-Tie CableCatch, you can anchor cords, cables and wires neatly along surfaces and out of the way. The acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive securely attaches to equipment racks, desks, or walls.

To use the Rip-Tie CableCatch, first clean the surface with rubbing alcohol or a wipe. Then peel the backing off of the CableCatch. Press hard to the surface with as much pressure as possible for the best adhesion. Allow the adhesive to cure overnight, then pull the tab down and insert your cables, and secure.

Rip-Tie CableCatch Features

  • Choose from 10 color options: Black, brown, blue, green, grey, orange, red, violet, white and yellow
  • Eight size options to suit your needs
  • Comes in a pack of 2

Product Features

Hook, Loop - 100% Nylon
Pull-Tab - 100% Nylon